Osiyo nigada! (hello everyone)
Gvgeyui ale adadoligi (love and blessings)

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10/2/2016 02:20:43 pm

Hello! I came across your weebly site searching for images and information on the 7 sacred directions of the Cherokee. I'm very interested in the art image you posted on your Sacred Colors/Directions page and wonder if you have any information on the artist or how I could look into the symbolism she depicted in her piece. I couldn't make out the artist's last name to search it myself Barbara something... Any info you have and are willing to share would be so greatly appreciated!

Barton Torbert
2/11/2017 03:03:14 pm

I stumbled upon your website. On the page about language, at the bottom you have a picture of a rock face with what looks like writing on it. Can you give me more information about is?

11/9/2017 01:32:43 pm

Osiyo, Mandie.

My name is Selena, and I'm an author. I'm doing some research for a book I'm writing and came across your site. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the language and customs of the Tsalagi.

Thank you.

6/16/2019 05:33:08 pm

I come across your story The Moonlight Road tsali North Carolina Cherokee ghost story. I would really like to communicate with you I think you have pieces of my story that I've been missing for my ancestors please email me thank you very much

Oda Zoe
6/10/2020 02:11:15 am

Dear Sir / Madam,
Thank you for sharing this website. I was hoping I might ask you some questions about the Wi Na De Ya Ho song: I am writing a book for children which includes songs from around the world.
I would be very grateful to hear from you! Best regards,
Oda Zoe Hochscheid

Laura Milagros
7/7/2020 08:31:18 am

7/7/20 Hi, I was told as a child that my maternal Grandfather was Cherokee (Tsalagi). He died in 1960. I was only 6. I have few memories of him. :'-( I heard this word growing up: Gilahi (gee-LAH-hee) & was told it meant "little long-haired one." Can anyone verify that for me? Thank you!


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